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Launched in 2000, the United Nations Global Compact is a call to companies around the world to align their strategies and operations with 10 principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption (see: 10 UN Global Compact Principles), to take action in support of broader United Nations (UN) goals and to commit themselves to communicate on their progress (COP). Through the development, implementation, and disclosure of responsible corporate policies and practices, business can help ensure that markets advance in ways that benefit economies and societies everywhere. With more than 12.000 signatories over 145 countries, it is the world’s largest voluntary corporate responsibility initiative.

The UN Global Compact seeks to combine the best properties of the UN, such as moral authority and convening power, with the private sector’s solution-finding strengths and the expertise and capacities of a range of key stakeholders. The initiative is global and local; private and public; and voluntary yet accountable. The UN Global Compact has a unique constellation of participants and stakeholders, bringing companies together with governments, civil society, labour, the United Nations, and other key stakeholders.

Global Compact Local Networks were launched to help make the UN Global Compact relevant across the world’s different economic, political and cultural contexts and to support meaningful engagement with its signatories. The Global Compact Network Belgium (GCNB) implements a programme of activities in support of Belgium-based UN Global Compact signatories who wish to maximize the benefits of their engagement with the UN Global Compact.

The Global Compact Network Belgium (GCNB) is a group of Belgian UN Global Compact signatories (both, local companies and subsidiaries of foreign companies operating in Belgium) that come together to promote and implement the 10 Principles and the UN Global Compact itself at a local level. Therefore one of our main roles is to adapt the goals of the UN Global Compact and the 10 Principles to the Belgian national and cultural context, serving as an inspirational platform to facilitate responsible business activities. In this sense, our main role is to link the global and the local dimensions of sustainability; taking the global dialogue issues down to the level of implementation, while at the same time moving innovative solutions upstream for global imitation and replication. To sum up, in the GCNB we develop and implement a programme of activities in support of the Belgian UNGC signatories in order to maximize the benefits of the participation in the UN Global Compact. 



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